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CompuCom Proposal Content Writer III in Jacksonville, Florida

Why CompuCom? (Overview)

The Proposal Content Writer IIIcreates, develops, plans, writes and edits proposal material producing pieces that drive engagement and market the organization's brand. This role willmentor a team of Content Writers and drives improvements opportunities in the creation process and content library. This individual will create educational and informative proposal content that translates technical information into compelling proposal and marketing material. Responsibilities include gathering information, formatting the information according to the company's policies, obtaining supervisor approval, and sending the proposal to the appropriate source.


  • Creates new proposal content and edits existing content that aligns with company value proposition, portfolio offerings and go to market and brand strategy

  • Assesses RFP instructions for large, complex opportunities to develop response writing strategies and storyboards including win theme development.

  • Works with Solution Directors and Proposal Managers to develop content for ongoing proposal efforts (both standard boilerplate and custom content)

  • Assists in the creation and review of proposal graphics to convey a consistent visual message.

  • Mentors other team members through coaching and mentoring; serves as lead subject matter expert on content creation.

  • Researches and translates technical information into customer-facing documents for non-technical and technical users.

  • Researches, outlines and writes documentation that is technically accurate and confirms to the company writing style.

  • Works with graphics and production on presenting information graphically and makes necessary revisions to existing documentation.

  • Researches and develops an understanding of the marketing requirements for the features being documented, including target audience and competitive documentation issues to coalesce information into a consistent format and voice.

  • Works with internal teams to obtain an in-depth understanding of the product specifications and operational procedures in order to translate that information into compelling messaging for customers.

  • Stays current on technology changes in the market, competitive analysis and understanding differentiators between CompuCom and its competitors.


  • Education-Master’s Degree preferred

  • Area of studyTechnical, journalism, marketing or business emphasis

  • Experience -10+ years of experience in the IT Outsourcing industry

  • Technical Experience- Relevant and related work experience leading content development or technical writing

  • Technical Competencies- In-depth understanding of IT outsourcing concepts and industry

  • Expertise in MS Office Tools/Suite and G-suite

Skill and Abilities

  • Business acumen and knowledge in current business and industry practices, trends, technology and information affecting the business and organization

  • Attention to detail and follow through with completing work to a high degree of quality

  • Ability to mentor the team and monitor the quality of the team’s output

  • Skilled at prioritization and multi-tasking

  • Proven background in the IT technology and services sales process

  • Ability to interpret requirements and develop clear, succinct and compelling value-based messaging then conveying those requirements to the team and leading the creation of new content

  • Researching, writing, and organizing information in a professional and credible manner.

  • Conducting research and interviews about company products, services, and/or business ideas.

  • Lead meetings and identifying opportunities for proposal writing and improving current content.

  • Prioritizing responsibilities to meet deadlines.

  • Must handle multiple revisions with input from various stakeholders, edit and re-edit proposal sections as needed, and ensure that proposals maintain a consistent tone or voice.

  • Maintaining consistency in proposal writing by following company guidelines for branding, messaging, vernacular, etc. Ensure the team adheres to company standards as well.

  • Make recommendations for improvements in current processes, materials, guidelines and lead the improvement initiatives.

  • Significant experience with large IT Managed Services opportunities and Requests for Proposal.

  • Expertise in MS Office Tools/Suite and G-suite

Personal Attributes:

  • Ability to communicate complex information in a clear and approachable manner

  • Ability to manage simultaneous and often conflicting priorities in an effective manner an provide leadership to the team

  • Ability to manage and meet deadlines individually and manage the team’s compliance

  • Ability to identify and protect confidential information

Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal Employment Opportunity

CompuCom is committed to providing equal employment opportunities in all employment practices. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, age, disability, protected veteran status, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law.



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Posted Date2 days ago(2/22/2021 9:10 PM)

Posting LocationJacksonville/Florida

Req #2021-30268


CompuCom Systems, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and provides reasonable accommodation in its application process for qualified individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans.